Hey Friend!!
Wanted to send out a quick update about your favorite 🙂 missionary family, the Real Life Hardings! We are in the crazy season of TRANSITION! If you have ever been in a season of transition you know things move FAST!  Transition of any sort can make your head spin. A really good pastor friend described it as, “When you are on a boat headed from the sound to the ocean, the only way to get across is to travel through the small inlet. The waves come at you on all sides while you are in the inlet. They crash over you, your boat and all that you own. You can’t control the waves while you are in the inlet, or stop them from crashing down on you. The only thing you can do, is tie down everything on your boat.”
We are trying to make sure our boat is tied down and everything is secure in this season. Finishing up work here in America, while starting work in Africa, has made for quite the “inlet” experience, and we can feel the waves coming at us on both sides.
Our biggest need is getting our funding tied down! Our goal of $40,000 upfront and $4,000 monthly, is close, but we still need your help! We have raised $36,000 upfront, and $2,800 monthly. If you have not partnered with us, would you consider doing so? We would love to your partnership, with no dollar being too small.
We are so grateful for EVERY donation that has been given to us in order to GO and SERVE in Uganda! We are so excited that you are going with us by funding our efforts! Please continue to pray for us, and for our funding that we can make the most of our time and work that God has called our family for in Africa.
Alex traveled to Uganda February 1st-16th and secured us a place to live as well as a vehicle. We will be officially leaving (with the whole family) on March 27th! Feel free to share our info with any friends or churches you may know! We love you all deeply! It’s bittersweet counting down the days knowing it will be some time before we see you on American soil, but we know we are doing what God has called us and has equipped us for!
Thank you for loving us! We love you and pray for you daily!
Alex, Beth, Chloe, Penelope, Ezekiel, Malachi, and Martha
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Click on “One Time” and change to “Regularly”.
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Thank you so much for supporting our family!!

Our new Ugandan ride!! I call it, “The Ninja Turtle Van!” Still considering a rad paint job in the future! LOL!

Chloe Valentine’s Day card (Beth is so crafty!)

Penny Valentine’s Day card

Zeke Valentine’s Day card

Malachi Valentine’s Day card