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Beth and Alex met in 2007 while attending college at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. After a brief engagement, they were married on February 24th, 2008. Missions was always a passion they shared as they were both preparing to enter the mission field after completing college. In 2009 Beth’s two older brothers asked them to pray about helping them plant a church in Eastern NC. After praying about the opportunity God had placed before them, they quit their jobs, put schooling on hold and moved to Eastern NC with their first daughter, Chloe, to help plant Ignite Church in Greenville, NC.

After 7 years of ministry and 4 more children, Beth and Alex started to feel God pulling them back to their original passion, international missions. After reaching our to their mentors from their days in college (who had been serving in Uganda with a family of 7 for four years at the time), they decided to visit Uganda to see if there was an opportunity to serve there. In August 2016, while Beth was 32 ¬†weeks pregnant, they set off for Uganda for ten days. Once in Uganda they clearly heard God’s calling on their family for ministry there.

They returned home to Greenville, NC and announced to the church they helped plant that God was calling them to Africa. After a whirlwind of selling everything and raising support, they moved with their family to Uganda in March 2017.