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During our first year we have served in many different areas in Uganda.


Beth’s main focus in our first year in Africa has been home school. She currently home schools 4 different children in 4 different grades. Not having any previous homeschooling experience, this has been a challenge but they have experienced a lot of growth throughout the first year.

Beth has also become involved in Children’s Ministry at our local church, Arise Africa Jinja Town Church. Having years of experience in Kid’s Ministry and so much passion for the future of the church, she fit in seamlessly. Along with the amazing children’s pastor at Jinja Town Church they have grown the kids ministry to almost 100 kids every sunday!


Alex has served in various, growing capacities since arriving in Uganda. He has served as the spiritual leader for a school of over 300 students, served as the interim head pastor at Jinja Town Church for 6 months, helped lead a gathering of local missionary student’s youth group and helped disciple many church members and students one-on-one.

The Future:

As Beth and Alex return to Uganda in August they have been given to opportunity to serve as the in country directors of a ministry based in Jinja. More info on this amazing opportunity will be coming VERY soon! Please sign-up for our newsletter as we continue to update our supporters, family and friends over the next few weeks!